Most Essential Details for the Right terrain stroller

Most Essential Details for the Right terrain stroller

Among all the childcare equipment, the stroller is probably the most important accessory for future parents best strollers for two kids. And for good reason: essential element in the movements of the child, it also ensures his comfort and his safety in an environment different from the family cocoon. How to find the model which really corresponds to its uses and its way of life? What are the criteria to always respect? Some explanations are here for the terrain stroller now.

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At birth: the infant stroller is more complex than it seems

 An essential accessory (or almost) for baby walks cool double strollers, the first age stroller consists of a frame and a hammock. If its size and weight vary depending on the model, the stroller must imperatively meet 2 criteria, to be able to accommodate a newborn, namely:

  • The hammock must be approved from birth
  • It must be fully reclining so that the infant can be placed there in a lying position

Various installation options can be added to this basic model. This is referred to as a pack or a combined duo or trio stroller depending on the number of accessories that can be attached to the frame. In addition to the basic stroller, there are:

The carrycot, a kind of pram integrated into the stroller, it is ideal for infants from 0 to 6 months, because it allows a comfortable installation in a lying position.

The shell keeps the baby in a semi-seated position and is therefore reserved for infants who already know how to hold their head (3 months and over). Practical (both car seat and recliner), it must however be used sparingly for the benefit of the child’s physiological installation (lying down).

Faced with this diversity of models, prices are naturally very varied. Count a range going, for combined strollers, from around 160 euros to more than 1000 euros.

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The criteria to take into account when buying:

Beyond the budget, various factors must be taken into account when purchasing the stroller:

Its weight (about 8 kilos on average, 6 for light strollers)


  • Is the stroller easy to fold, ideally with one hand? 
  • Once folded is it suitable for where it will usually be stored?
  • Does it meet the safety conditions of the European standard EN 1888 and the childcare decree?
  • Does it include the words “Complies with safety requirements”, the name of the manufacturer, the serial number?
  • Is it malleable? Do the wheels turn well? 
  • Is it easy to turn around, to raise it up?

The grip is it good? As such, there are two “schools”, strollers with handlebars or cuffs. While the preference is obviously individual, it is often easier to guide a handlebar stroller with one hand.

  • Does it have storage (nets, basket, etc.)?
  • Are the accessories removable? Is the stroller easily washable?

The right questions to ask yourself:

To these general criteria are added a whole series of more personal parameters allowing the choice of model to be adapted to the parents’ lifestyle. The most important of them:

Where do you live?

The preferred model of stroller is obviously to be adapted to the child’s usual environment, starting with his home and other places to which he has to go frequently (nursery, nursery assistant, grandparents’ house, etc. etc.). Thus, if one lives in the countryside or that one evolves on “rugged” roads; it is better to favor an “all-terrain” model to guarantee the comfort of the child. 

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The Importance of Childhood (0-3 Years)

His primary need is to live a good contact with the person who takes care of him, a stable figure who is with him for a long time in order to know him, to understand him, to decipher his movements and his language, that non-verbal initially.

The baby cries, gets upset, the mother takes him and understands the problem and solves it.

What happens in our midget … he feels good, he feels capable! My tools are good, I’m good – Mom understands me and satisfies me.

And it is precisely here that the first step of his safety, of his self-esteem, is formed.

His trust is created in those who revolve around him, mum, dad, grandparents and through them his trust in the world.

We are not talking here about any games, lights, ringtones, etc., his need and having a person who dedicates his time to him with serenity and love, who always has more or less the same dynamic attitude in various situations, who knows ” read “that is dedicated to him with love.

Looking the child in the eye with love, hugging him, caressing him are the permanent memories of his well-being.

From my personal experience I have noticed how important a natural weaning of at least six to 12 months is for a good immune system and harmonious growth.

I have noticed how much healthier these children are (no bronchitis, no colds, no otitis, no asthma).

The child is an infant and as such should also be treated from a nutritional point of view.

Often a Vegan or vegetarian weaning followed under the supervision of a nutritionist pediatrician, ensures that the child matures his intestine without suffering excessive overload …

It is understood that animal protein is always represented (or should) by breast milk.

Given the numerous studies, animal proteins of other kinds are not necessary for at least nine months.

The child, if well fed with freshly prepared, biodynamic live foods. It will have better health and overcome common viral infections much faster.


The american academy and pediatrics dietetics and nutrition of the USA

They recognize that a well-planned plant-based diet provides infants with all the nutrients they need for regular growth.

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